Desperate Flight Attendants

 As a little girl, I always thought flight attendants were so glamourous and pretty. Kind of like Miss American contestants in the sky.  Now I realize that they are more like “Desperate Housewives”.  And the sad part is that I’m becoming one of them.  No matter how bad or scary things get, I just slap on my pastic smile and keep it moving…. 

Once day while landing in Newark, we had an aborted landing. An aborted landing is when the plane is landing (landing gear down, the airport is  visible), when all of the sudden the gear retracts, the engines roar, and we start to go up. According to most pilots, this is a “standard” manuever. If you’ve never experienced it, it can be a bit scary. Apparently, due to the high volume of traffic that flies into Newark, it happens alot. One week, I had 3 aborted landings.  At this point, they are more of a nuisance than anything. But the very first time it happened I was so scared. I’m sitting in my jumpseat, braced for landing; when all of the sudden the landing gear goes up and we start to climb. I’m thinking “What the hell?” I kept my nice plastic smile in place, but my heart was racing. The lady in the last row turns to me and asks, “are we going to die??” “Of course not, now turn the f*ck around before I bash you with this coffee pot”, I say. Ok, those aren’t my exact words, something close  to that. We circle for what seems like eternity, and eventually have a normal landing.  Even though my palms are still sweaty and my neck is throbbing with tension from my near death experience,  I go right back into “desperate flight attendant mode” telling everyone buh bye and to have a nice day. There is a martini waiting for me in my one bedroom apartment on Wisteria Lane……..

A little inflight humor below!

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Who the hell is chocolateflygirl???

 For whatever reason, most people seem to think that having a degree in english means that you want to be a writer or an english teacher. So not true. I’ve always had a passion for reading and talking, but not necessarily putting those words on paper. When it came to writing papers in college, I would always wait until the absolute last minute and crank out a 20 page paper overnite. That’s just what worked best for me, it seemed to help my thoughts flow best. Anyway, I say all that to say that this blog is just a reflection of my thoughts, sometimes it will flow, sometimes not. At best, it will be honest, but often erratic.

Whew…..the hard part is over….getting started.

Who is Chocolateflygirl?

 I’ve been in the aviation industry for roughly about 10 years, doing behind the scenes work in the corporate office. Due to circumstances beyond my control (AKA the rising cost of fuel), I’m now working for a different company as a flight attendant. I’ve always loved to travel, so I knew that I wanted to stay in the aviation industry. More on the wonderful travel perks later.


I’m a southerner, living in the big apple. I have a degree in english lit and I’ve completed a year of graduate studies.  I’m an only child with a wonderfully crazy family. Through my travels and adventures, I’ve been able to meet some of the most awesome friends any girl could ever have. Oh and did I mention that I am black? It shouldn’t really matter, but I better throw that in anyway…

Hopefully, my commentaries and adventures will entertain you as much as they have me. More to come….

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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